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Max Cruz Founder of Credit Maxer

From a young age, Max Cruz has held a great deal of respect for the financial education profession.

At the age of 15 he started volunteering at his local community development corporation in Lawrence, MA and saw how the financial education provided there was helping the community.

“It's unfortunate we are not taught more about personal finances in school and many times suffer financialy our entire lives."

He founded Credit Maxer to help consumers understand their finances, learn the secrets of credit and how to protect their investment long term.

“My work ethic is the key to why people work with me,” says Max.

“Home purcases, car buying, business development is often the biggest investment of a person’s lifetime, and they need – and deserve – nothing less than genuine professional guidance throughout the process.”


Working with many real estate and mortgage progessionals he has been able to help hundreds of families get out of their credit challenges and into their first homes.

Max Cruz

Founder of Credit Maxer

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